June 28, 2020

My church is using this to resume gatherings safely

No one wants to have to turn people away.

My name is Robert Russell.

I'm on staff at a large church in Murfreesboro, TN. It's been a crazy time for all of us in ministry! A few weeks ago, my friend and I started creating software for our church that gives the ability to control, measure, and communicate the capacity of our worship gatherings. We developed it in a way that can even accommodate for "overflow." This tool takes an attendee through an RSVP process, which really alleviates the stigma that can come with a "ticketing" approach.

We created this tool, in hopes that we would not have to turn people away. I am trying to get the word out and let other churches know. I believe this will serve the church well through this pandemic. Let me know what you think: Save-A-Seat Tool at Pastors Toolbox

If you choose to sign up, be sure to use the word ATTEND to get up to 20% off.

Robert Russell
Worship Pastor
Co-Creator of PastorsToolbox.com
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