July 01, 2020

Introducing a safe plan for Sundays

Unlimited Attendees & Unlimited Events
Pastors Toolbox
Save-A-Seat is a simple capacity planning software that prepares your congregation to resume gathering safely.
Pastors Toolbox offers a simple solution to the concerns of the faith community with the launch of their "Save-A-Seat" tool. Control capacity by setting an attendance limit for each service. Attendance limits have the flexibility to be changed as often as needed.
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Be sure to use the code ATTEND to get up to 20% off.
This tool is easy to use and easy to deploy. In a matter of minutes your church family will be rsvping for your weekend services.
Your attendee's experience is priority. There is no login process and no unwanted ads. The form can be a stand alone link and embedded on your church site.
RSVPs populate in real-time informing churchgoers the remaining number of seats for each service. This tool boosts confidence for the pastor to safely execute a plan for re-entry.
Give Your People Confidence That You Have A Place For Them This Weekend
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