July 27, 2023

Sunday Service on July 23, 2023

Triangle Family Church Sunday Service on July 23, 2023

Musical Offering


The sermon discusses the concept of perfection and the desire for love. It emphasizes the need to seek truth, beauty, and goodness and to resemble Jesus in order to achieve a closer connection with God.

Key Insights:
  • The sermon highlights the church's mission for the unification of world Christianity, emphasizing the need to overcome divisions and find common ground in similar beliefs.
  • The concept of tears of diamonds from the heart shows that pain can be transformed into compassion and love, becoming an offering to others.
  • Understanding the different levels of perfection helps in striving towards God's will and aligning our desires with His purpose.
  • Discernment plays a crucial role in distinguishing between genuine desires for goodness and selfish desires for power and favor.
  • The sermon emphasizes the power of parental love and its ability to manifest in extraordinary ways, demonstrating the sacrificial nature of love.
  • The promise and hope of uniting with Jesus and reflecting God's love emphasize the importance of emulating Jesus' example and seeking a deeper connection with God.
  • The sermon encourages individuals to focus on personal growth and transformation, seeking truth, beauty, and goodness in order to resemble Jesus and fulfill God's purpose.

July 17, 2023

Sunday Service on July 16, 2023

Triangle Family Church Sunday Service on July 16, 2023

Musical Offering


The sermon discusses the concept of restoration and forgiveness, using Bible passages and the stories of two women. It emphasizes God's love and forgiveness even in our darkest moments.

Key Insights:
  • The sermon begins with a reflection on the concept of freedom during the Cold War era, highlighting the importance of freedom and pride in one's country.
  • The Bible reading from Luke 7:42-50 emphasizes the connection between forgiveness and love, and how the one who is forgiven much loves much.
  • The sermon compares the restoration process to the restoration of a broken artwork, emphasizing that restoration can make something even more beautiful and valuable than before.
  • The story of Jesus and the Samaritan woman showcases the power of forgiveness and acceptance, as Jesus offers love and salvation to someone who was considered an outcast.
  • The story of Mary, the sinful woman, highlights the transformative power of love and forgiveness, as she washes Jesus' feet with her tears and anoints them with perfume.
  • The sermon encourages listeners to seek restoration and forgiveness in their own lives, reminding them that their mistakes and sins do not define them, and that God is always ready to save and forgive.
  • The sermon concludes by emphasizing the importance of seeking restoration and forgiveness, as it brings about a new and better life.