January 04, 2019

Jan. 4, 2019 weekly update

This week's message will be given by Pastor Joshua Angelucci.

We will have a Community Meeting after the church service this Sunday. It will be an opportunity for all members to hear our Pastor's discussion of goals for 2019, prepare to elect our new Council members, and focus for great success in the new year.

The SR2 Youth and Young Adults Ministry (YAYAM) Retreat will be from Jan. 11-13 in Maryland. We want to pass on to you some wonderful words about this from our Oceanside Pastor, Junko Hasebe: 

"The ideal participation from each community is Young-Adults with parents, pastor and/or YAYA ministry leader. 

"I understand that Young Adults stand in very hard positions in each Community, because the Parents' Generation often has high expectations of them instead of trusting them or trying to understand or support them as they struggle to achieve an ideal balance between faith and their independent life.

"I think they need support from the Church, then they will be able to understand deeply of their precious life given to them from God and True Parents.

"That's why Jongsook invited not only Young Adults but Parents and Pastor or YAYA ministry leaders to come to the Retreat.

"I understand the practical reasons it may be hard to participate, but we would like everyone who is reading this, please consider participation OR how to support someone else to participate from our Community with your generous love."

That's it from Junko. From Triangle Family Church Pastor Joshua, our YAYA ministry leader Benjy, and Tyler are going to attend. Tyler was invited to give a presentation answering lots of questions young adults have. We hope more can go! 

For more information call Pastor Joshua (614-500-9972) or Benjy (919-943-7196). 

Yes, so Pastor Joshua, Benjy and Tyler will not be here on Sunday the 13th, because they'll be at the retreat. 

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