March 22, 2019

Weekly Update on March 22, 2019

Triangle Family Church
Weekly Update

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

1. We had a successful Mini-Famicon last Sunday. It was a great time to reflect on how we really become messiahs for our tribe. We had some deep sharing and took our next steps in Tribal Messiahship. Thank you for attending and supporting!

2. March 30 WFWP - Cornerstone of Happiness - Myrna Lapres and Carolyn Sampson

Our Subregional WFWP Chairwoman Myrna Lapres from Georgia will be coming on March 30th and lead a WFWP event called Cornerstone of Happiness. Please take a look at the beautiful flyer with all the details:

3. Please continue praying for True Mother coming to LA on April 6th. Join the nation to pray together every Wednesday at 9:00 PM: The prayer points:
  • True Mother's health and absolute victory as we march towards 2020.
    All American Blessed Central Families lay the foundation of victory through active Tribal Messiahship.
  • Top Christian and political leaders in the USA recognize True Parents' great work and honor our True Mother this year.
  • Absolute victory of our 5,000 Couples' Blessing with True Mother in Los Angeles on April 6, 2019. 
  • That America fulfills its responsibility as the Elder Son Nation and serves the world.
4. We are hosting a Subregion level event for our high schoolers from April 19-21. We're estimating 40 people from around the neighboring states attending. There will be camping at Falls Lake. You'll get to enjoy time in nature, great food, fun, sports as well as do service work to give back to the community. Registration is now open!

5. Message from Sharon:

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

I would like to welcome you to attend, invite your friends, and volunteer for our first African Conference here in NC.

Our True Mother and our Movement has done extensive help and outreach in Africa in 2018.

Please go to and see Mothers speeches, work and all work in numerous countries in Africa, to promote World Peace.

On April 27, here at the Triangle Family Church, we will have an African Conference.

Please take a look at this flyer.

Please invite people from Africa, immigrants, diasporas, and people of all colors and denominations.

We will showcase Mother's work for peace, have round table discussion on peace, guest speakers, and finish with a Blessing.

Please reach out to John and me for volunteering. It will not be victorious without people volunteering to serve and take care of people.

Some of the jobs to be done: :O)
  • We need people to make lunch, which you can drop off already prepared dishes by 11:30 AM on Saturday, April 27 at our church.
  • Helping put out the food and cleaning up.
  • Setting up light breakfast at 8:30 AM
  • Registration  Table
  • Putting up flyers at Durham library and African Restaurants, Mosques, churches, etc. 
  • Putting up flyers at University, and Colleges.
Please let us know what you can do to help.

I will be leaving March 30, early morning to help in L.A. Will be back April 10. I am always checking my email and text messages.

May you have a victorious 2020!!

May the Force Always be with You and Your Family

John and Sharon Pace
919-210-9186  Sharon's cell
919-818-1658  John's cell

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