April 04, 2019

This Sunday (4/7) We're Celebrating True Parents' Day!

We're Celebrating True Parents' Day
This Sunday @ 10AM
Join us this Sunday at 10:00 AM for a special celebration of the 60th True Parents' Day with music, cake, offering table, and lunch.

The actual day of True Parents' Day is this Friday, so please celebrate as you wish with your family on Friday.

We are celebrating on Sunday so that more members can join together.

Looking forward to it!

God Bless,
Triangle Family Church
Parents' Day was the first Holy Day established in the Unification tradition. True Father established it on April 10, 1960. Unificationists observe Parents' Day—now designated as True Parents' Day—on the first day of the third month of the Heavenly Calendar.

The establishment of Parents' Day followed True Parents' engagement on March 27, 1960. It signified that God had finally established His first son and daughter as the True Parents of humankind. True Father later stated, "Parents' Day is the first time since God created all things and humankind that there is one balanced man, one balanced woman, balanced in love, to whom God can descend and with whom He can truly be." Following Parents' Day, True Father established Children's Day (1960), Day of All Things (1963) and God's Day (1968) as Holy Days. They were set up to celebrate the emergence of the True Family, or True Parents' family, and the foundation upon which a new world can take shape and a new history begin.  
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