April 12, 2019

Weekly Update on April 12, 2019

Triangle Family Church
Weekly Update

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

Spanning the Generations

Last week we heard from the first generation Pace. This week's message will come from the second generation Pace, our beloved sister Shawna Pace Kempf!

Next week, one of Shawna's kids!!! (No, just kidding.) 
Easter at the Lake at 11:00 AM

Friday through Easter Sunday, April 19-21, is the Sub-Regional Youth Service Retreat based at a campground at Falls Lake. Students will be coming from across the Sub-Region to participate. Our Easter Sunday service will be at the Community Building at Rolling View Recreation Area off of Highway 98 at 11:00 AM, and will feature testimonies from the retreat participants and more. 
Preparation for the Africa Conference–A Message from our UPF Director, Sharon Pace

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

I would like to welcome you to attend, invite your friends, and volunteer for our first African Conference here in NC.

On the foundation of decades of sacrificial investment, our True Mother and movement carried out extensive education and outreach in Africa in 2018. Please go to www.upf.org and see Mother's speeches and the work and activities taking place in numerous countries in Africa, to promote world peace and true family values.

On Saturday, April 27, here at the Triangle Family Church, we will publicize and promote this at our Africa Conference. Please invite everyone you know, including especially people from Africa or interested in Africa. We will showcase Mother's work for peace, have a round table discussion on peace, listen to guest speakers, and finish with a Blessing ceremony.

Please reach out to John and me for volunteering. Victory comes when we serve and take care of people.

Some of the jobs to be done:

Before the event: 
Putting up flyers at Durham library and African Restaurants, Mosques, churches, etc.
Putting up flyers at University, and Colleges.

At the event:
8:30 AM: Set up and staff the registration table
8:30 AM: Set up and clean up for a light breakfast
11:00 AM: Drop off prepared dishes at the church, lunch set up and clean up.

Please let us know how you would like to help.

John and Sharon Pace
919-210-9186  Sharon's cell
919-818-1658  John's cell
It's a clean machine

Thanks to our clean-up volunteers. This week the clean-up is being organized by the Uyama and Angelucci families.  Yes, you too can be a volunteer. If you're up for it, please see Bob Huneycutt.
God Bless and hope to see you Sunday!
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