April 18, 2019

Weekly Update on April 18, 2019

Triangle Family Church
Weekly Update

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

1. This Sunday: Easter at Falls Lake

Looking forward to seeing everyone at our Easter Sunday Service at Falls Lake this Sunday at 11:00 AM!

Google Maps directions: https://goo.gl/maps/2fQTw1P49P12
Coordinates: 36.023248 -78.727330
2. Shawna's Sermon Last Week

Last Sunday we had a chance to hear a testimony from Sharon about the Peace Starts with Me event in LA. She shared about Sun Jin Nim's moving message on Sunday at the LA church. Here is a video of that: http://familyfed.org/news-story/sun-jin-moon-shares-the-heart-of-true-mother-55891/
3. Africa Conference: Next Saturday, April 27 at 9:00 AM

We will have an Africa conference on Saturday, April 27 from 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM. Please come if you can. This is an opportunity to share about True Mother and our movements' work around the world.

Here's a message about the event written by our sister, Sharon:

Hello Brothers and Sisters, 

I would like to welcome you to attend, invite your friends, and volunteer for our First African Conference here in NC.

Our True Mother and our Movement has done extensive help and outreach in Africa in 2018. Please go to www.upf.org and see Mothers speeches, work and all work in numerous countries in Africa, to promote World Peace.

On April 27, here at the Triangle Family Church, we will have a African Conference.

Please look at the flyer that we have sent out, as an attachment.

Please invite people from Africa, immigrants, diasporas and all people of color and denominations.

We will showcase Mothers work for Peace, have round table discussion on Peace, guest speakers, and finish with a Blessing.

Please reach out to John and me for volunteering. It will not be victorious without people volunteering to serve and take care of people.

Some of the jobs to be done: :O)
  • We need people to make lunch, which you can drop off, all ready prepared dishes by 11:30 AM on Saturday, April 27 at our church.
  • Helping put out the food and cleaning up.
  • Setting up light breakfast at 8:30 AM
  • Registration  Table
  • Putting up flyers at Durham library and African Restaurants, Mosques, churches etc. 
  • Putting up flyers at University, and Colleges.
Please let us know what you can do to help.

John and Sharon Pace
919 2109186  Sharon cell
919 8181658  Johns

Flyer: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_uVEsYLmMO6SkdleExCNGpTaUlCODhsM0VCX2RfMkhIRktv
4. Matching Retreat for Older Candidates

A message from one of our Matching Supporter Coordinators about a retreat to help older brothers and sisters receive the Blessing:

Dear Beloved Brothers & Sisters,

My name is Anne-Marie Mylar, I am a Matching Supporter Coordinator for the Blessing and Family Ministry–USA. I work very closely with Crescentia DeGoede and John Abelseth, who leads the BFD in Canada.

The BFM is very serious about organizing a special retreat for our single older brothers and sisters to allow them to meet in person for the purpose of trying to possibly find a spouse to attend a future blessing of our True parents in 2019. At this point in time I do not have much details to share with you, except for the following:
  1. The venue will be within USA
  2. You will have 3 months between the official announcement and the actual event, so you have plenty of time to prepare.
  3. The retreat will be for individual 35 years old and older.
Who can participate:
Single (Divorcees and previously blessed OK)
First Generation and Blessed children
Members from our Affiliate communities (ACLC, UPF, and others)

Every one must have a clear understanding of what the marriage blessing is all about. What do we mean about clear understanding of the Marriage Blessing:

The Affiliate person (ACLC, UPF or other) need to realize the process that will take place if they choose to attend the Blessing from our True Parents. They have to be willing to do the 5 steps.

1) Holy Wine Ceremony
2) Blessing Ceremony
3) Chastening Ceremony
4) 40-Day Separation
5) 3-Day Ceremony

We do not have any problems finding ladies to attend such a retreat, but in order to make it meaningful we also need to find the gentlemen. Please make sure that someone who could benefit from such a retreat is notified and connect with us directly as well as with their pastor.

Please write to me at anything if you have any questions,

Anne-Marie Mylar
Matching Supporter Coordinator
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