May 17, 2019

Weekly Update on May 17, 2019

Triangle Family Church
Weekly Update

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

This Sunday's Sermon by Benjy Uyama
Join us at 10:00 AM!

Blessing Workshop Level 1
The Atlanta Family Church is hosting a Level 1 Blessing Workshop, entitled "Becoming the right person before trying to find the right person", featuring speaker Debby Gullery. It is the basic start-up for young people and their parents getting on the track toward the Blessing or even thinking about the Blessing. The workshop will take place at the Atlanta Family Church over the Memorial Day weekend, May 25 and 26. It is open to persons 16 and older, both parents and children. To register, go to:

Las Vegas Blessing Revival and Clergy Convocation 
There will be a Blessing Revival in Las Vegas on June 22.  True Mother will be the keynote speaker. At the same time there will be a Clergy Convocation for 1,000 clergy who will study True Family Values and the Blessing from the biblical point of view, and True Mother will also speak to them. From God's viewpoint, she will tell them, the future of America is in the hands of the Christian clergy. The churches can move the society and government, if they pull together with one accord in line with God's providence. If you have clergy friends who might be interested, please let them know about it. You can use the attached flyer and invitational letter.

Sub-Regional Prayer 
True Mother will speak in our sub-region, which is sub-region 2, on November 16; the location is still being decided. We are in the midst of a 40-day prayer condition to prepare, including to find a great location, that will go until June 18. We are praying that True Mother will be warmly received, that the Holy Spirit will be active, and that 10,000 people will attend the Rally.

Church Charter Revision
Our Triangle Family Church Council has been meeting to update the church charter. We have found the old charter to not be so useful. We have drafted a revision for you to study, and it is attached. This is your opportunity to suggest amendments and any changes to the charter draft. We are planning to bring it to a vote before the end of the month. It can adopted by a simple majority. We also attach the old charter for your reference.

Prayer for Mr. Nishida
Please keep our brother Toshio Nishida in your prayers. He is currently at the UNC Rex Hospital's Cardio-Vascular unit for a heart condition. We hope he can come home soon.

Clean-Up Time
Thanks to our clean-up volunteers.  Your investment in our church is much appreciated.  This week's clean up is being organized by Tyler Hendricks Family and Insoo Hendricks Family.

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