June 14, 2019

Weekly Update on June 14, 2019

Triangle Family Church
Weekly Update

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

This Sunday at 10:00 AM
Pastor Josh will be giving the message. Join us at 10:00 AM!

This Saturday 4:00 PM at Summit Church
Pastor Josh and a few others will be visiting the Summit Church this Saturday evening (4:00 PM service) and he would like to invite others to join him.

"I had a moving experience visiting the church last Saturday. I could see how we CAN work with churches to do great things for True Parents and I got inspired about what our church could be like in the future and ideas for how to make it happen. So I'd like to invite all brothers and sisters to join us to visit together and start to build a relationship with the Summit church." - Pastor Josh

Next Sunday, June 23 is Living Room
Invite someone in your life to join us at 12:00 PM for fellowship, food, and friends!

Prayer Request for Toshio Nishida
Please continue to pray for the Nishida family, that Toshio-san may be comfortable and free of pain and that his family knows they are surrounded by our prayers and love.

Message from Rev. & Mrs. Patton
Thank you for your support and determination for the restoration of our Subregion 2 and for your attendance at the Unified Sunday Service at the Arbor Ballroom last night.

We are so grateful for the investment of many brothers and sisters in preparing that program - volunteers set up, designed, printed, organized, cooked, produced, practiced and performed song and dance, and then cleaned up!  We created a beautiful environment to receive the message from heaven.

We welcomed President Dunkley and his wife, Yumiko and received great guidance for creating absolute love and unity with True Parents and their representatives.  We are living in a new age - True Parents foundation is broader and deeper than ever.   We can create results that are beyond anything that we have seen before and the offering that each of us can make is critical for the achievement of that.

Let's build upon the momentum that Rev. Dunkley created with us June 9 and bring 10,000 people to our rally with True Mother.  Our contributions of prayer, heart, time, outreach and money will bring amazing progress to God's Providence in America and in our Subregion.

As you know, we are looking for 200 families across America who will pledge in the next two weeks to donate $5000.  That will create an offering of $1,000,000 for the June 22 Rally in Las Vegas.  Also, by the end of 2020, we have a goal to offer $7million for national and world restoration projects.  Make your offering and/or a pledge through your local church or online at https://hsa.givingfuel.com/pswm-lv
Church Cleaning
Bob is making a new schedule for cleaning the church. Please consider volunteering one Sunday a month to keep our worship place clean.

God Bless,
Triangle Family Church
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