January 28, 2021

FFWPU USA Subregion and District Rezoning

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We are excited to announce that our SR2 boundaries have been slightly changed to facilitate greater success in accomplishing America's 2027 goals.

Our hearts are moved by the sacrificial spirit of the Blessed Central Families of Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana as they join Subregion 4 and create a new District 9.  We will miss sharing our common purpose (and their Southern Hospitality) and are grateful for the last 3 years of working together in SR2.  Of course, we are now even closer as family and we wish them the best as they continue their providential investment in fulfilling the role of the Elder Son Nation.

We are also excited to announce that the wild and wonderful state of West Virginia will join Subregion 2.  There are a few Blessed Central Families there and you are encouraged to personally welcome them over the coming weeks.  

Also, our proudly held title of District 1 has been transferred to the New England area and the area that was District 1 is now District 4 (obviously acknowledging our ability to offer a strong foundation).

Dr. Achille Acolatse continues to serve as the outstanding District Pastor of D4, which now includes DC, MD, VA, NC & WV.  And Pastor Jongsook Moon will continue to serve as Subregional Secretary-General and also District 5 Pastor,  offering exceptional care and leadership throughout District 5, which is now composed of SC, GA, FL, and Puerto Rico. 

We are excited to work together with familial hearts, offering our best to heaven in this Golden Age.

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