January 08, 2021

Weekly Update Jan. 8, 2021

A Note From Dr. Acolatse About The Events of January 6

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Thank you for your Jeongseong of prayers and fasting on Wednesday January 6th. Sadly, the results of the gatherings that began peacefully, later turned violent and very disturbing for all of us with the storming of the US Capitol Building. In no way can we condone this type of action which truly does not represent the culture of heart and the head-wing perspective our True Parents have taught us.

As you may have heard, there were 4 deaths associated with the events. It is reported that at least 14 police officers were injured during the events. Our heartfelt condolences to all the victims and their families.

Let us take this time for continued prayer and offering our Jeongseong for the protection of our nation and allowing God’s Will to be fulfilled in 2021. Let us truly envelope our nation's capital with Heavenly Parent's love and call upon our heavenly spirit world, angels and ancestors to guide all the branches of Government toward unity and harmony.

Let's become true owners of the nation by taking responsibility for all that happens here. Through our earnest and sincere Jeongseong I'm confident we can protect and uplift the nation's capital so that it can fulfill its responsibility by attending Heavenly Parent and True Parents.

Dr. Achille Acolatse
Pastor, FFWPU HPHC - DMV / District One

Passing of  Pastor Ella R. Cotten
Pastor Ella R. Cotten, long-time friend of Triangle Family Church and Ambassador for Peace, has died.  She leaves behind 7 children and numerous grandchildren.  Dr. Cotten traveled to Israel as part of the Middle East Peace initiative in 2003.  She attended many Unification events with her family and congregation, and also hosted many church events in her home church: The House of Prayer Church of Deliverance For All People.  Dr. Cotten was 78.  Please pray for her family and her transition to the eternal realm.

Youth DP Study
We will have a Discovering the Life of True Parents session this Sunday (1/10) at 10:20am.

Korea: The Land of Unparalleled Devotion

Mr. Asada  would like to try Skype instead of Zoom because of Zoom's 40 min. time limit.


National Family Service @ 11AM
The National Family Service can be a source of inspiration and connection every Sunday at 11:00 AM. This is truly a blessing. Please join the National Family Service with your family on Sunday at 11:00 AM: https://nationalfamilyservice.org/

Thank you for your continued tithing during this time. 

Option 1. Tithe with Tithly (online tithing)
Text the word "give" to (833) 909-1798 to set up a Tithly account. 

Option 2. Send a check payable to HSA-UWC to: 
Hidetsugu Asada
1111 Oakcrest Green Ct.
Morrisville, NC 27560

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