February 11, 2021

2021 Holy Days

2021 Holy Days: What to Know 

- True Parents' Birthday (Feb. 17) 

- 8th Anniversary of Foundation Day (Feb. 24) 

- True Heavenly Parent’s Day & True Parents’ Holy Wedding Anniversary (April 27) 

Dear beloved Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community members, Thank you all for your investment and effort in furthering the work of Heavenly Parent and True Parents. Dr. Yong just returned from Korea after meeting with True Mother. We are happy to say that Mother is looking healthy and strong. She sends her love to us, and we hope that we can see her back in America soon. Despite all the challenges, especially in the past year, True Mother showed the way forward with foresight and determination. We are now just weeks away from the 2021 Holy Day season. True Parents’ Birthday will take place on Wednesday, February 17, and the 8th Anniversary of Foundation Day will be on Wednesday, February 24. Due to the ongoing concerns of COVID-19, True Mother decided to hold one celebration for both Holy Days on February 24. This celebration will be mostly virtual, and we expect the broadcast to take place on February 23 in the USA. As always, we will update you with the broadcast details as they become available.

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