June 20, 2021

BlessingAmerica.org - Education Programs Resources

BlessingAmerica.org Education Programs Resources

You can visit this website and check out all the webinars through the webinars icon. Each program also has a flyer and a specific link to its page. Please see below links and flyers:
  1. ACLC with Archbishop George Stallings - become.blessingamerica.org
  2. YCLC with Joshua Holmes - christlike.blessingamerica.org
  3. General Education with Noah Ross - authentic.blessingamerica.org 
  4. Marriage Course with Roger and Daniela Wetherall marriagecourse.blessingamerica.org    
The Peace and Blessing celebration is being rebroadcast daily at peacestartswithme.com at the following times:

Weekdays @ 12pm, 6pm, and 9pm EDT
Weekends @ 9am, 12pm, and 6pm EDT

The reruns will continue every day until Sunday, July 4. 


General Divine Principle:

Marriage Course:


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