October 10, 2021

Sunday Service on Oct. 10, 2021

Triangle Family Church Sunday Service on Oct. 10, 2021

Music Offering


True Father's Word

Day of the Victory of Heaven

Reverend Sun Myung Moon October 3, 1979 World Mission Center, NYC, NY Translator, Bo Hi Pak

“Ultimately, because Mary made up her mind to give her life for the mission of God, God cooperated to help her. *An angel appeared to Joseph in a dream, telling him not to fear taking Mary as his wife. Joseph was also a man of God, and where another man might have dismissed this as but a funny dream, he took it seriously. He turned his back on the external appearance of the situation and accepted it as God's will. He took Mary as his wife, knowing that she was carrying a child that was not his.

Do you think that naturally he would ask her whose baby it was, since after all he had saved her life? Could she reply that she conceived through the Holy Spirit and expect Joseph to accept it? If the Pope was in' Joseph's position would he believe her? Would Billy Graham believe his wife if she told him that? That kind of conversation between Joseph and Mary could have led only to a great argument, with Joseph accusing that even though he saved Mary's life she still was not being honest with him. Though this is not exactly what took place, do you think there was no tension in that family when Jesus was finally born? At first the community would think he was Joseph's son, but it was impossible to keep secrets. - Any conversation between Mary and Joseph must have been overheard, even by the birds or insects, and I'm sure rumors spread quickly that Jesus was an illegitimate child.

More children were born to Mary and Joseph, and they all knew that somehow Jesus was different. The Bible does not speak directly about this, but the fact is that when Jesus was a boy there was a great deal of tension, and even Mary was distant with him at times because she was a victim of the everyday situation. Jesus was lonely as a child and often left the house to be alone. Once his parents even left him behind in Jerusalem for three days, only coming back to look for him later. How could parents leave a young boy behind that way? There were not many happy days in that family.

I'm sure many of you have grown up with a step parent, and even in an open society like America's today there is tension between a step parent and step children, so imagine how much more difficult it was 2,000 years ago. In this sense Americans are in a position to be sympathetic with Jesus' position; more young people are experiencing the same kind of suffering Jesus went through.”

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