October 11, 2022

Sunday Service on Oct. 9, 2022

Triangle Family Church Sunday Service on Oct. 9, 2022

Musical Offering

Sermon: Redemption

Slide 1 Note
I would like to talk about redemption today. Redemption is the main theme in Christianity. Christians build a relationship with God and Jesus through redemption. Christian missionaries’ message is very simple and clear. “Jesus died on the cross for my sins. I received redemption of my sins through Jesus’ crucifixion.” Redemption or restoration through indemnity in our church term is the one of main theme in our church as well. One of reasons why our church is misunderstood is that people do not understand that our church is working for redemption or restoration through indemnity. Proper understanding of redemption is key to understand our movement.

Slide 2 Note I would like to bring up a well known Japanese song called “Tsugunai”, which means redemption in Japanese. The reason why I bring up the song is that this song illustrates what is redemption and how redemption is gained. I will show you the lyrics of the song in the following two slides. This song is sometimes played at DMV for those who renew driver’s licenses. You may guess what kind song it is.

Slide 3 Note The main character’s name is Yuu.

Slide 4 Note

First generation members are like Yuu in the song. We realized sins of our own, our ancestors, and humankind. We worked single-mindedly all our youth even though people mocked, persecuted, threw stones us. We were OK because we felt love from God and True Parents. We felt we were forgiven. I hear the stories of struggling 2nd generations in Japan. I feel sorry for them especially in recent situation in Japan. Some of them feel that our church is the place of rules such as forbidding free love, isolation from society, and sacrifices such as taking the savings to go to Disneyland or paychecks from part time jobs for donation. One person started petition drive to make a law to regard forcing religion to children as child abuse. We including 2nd generations still need to understand redemption.

Slide 5 Note

I believe God has special plan for each of 2nd generation. I hope each one eventually finds God. I hope God will tell those who have bitter feeling toward church, “Thank you for your sacrifices and hardships. My providence moved forward because of your your sacrifices and hardships. Even though you did not feel me, I was always with you.”

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