March 12, 2023

Sunday Service on Mar. 12, 2023

Triangle Family Church Sunday Service on Mar. 12, 2023

Musical Offering


This sermon explores the concept of "paying it forward" and the importance of love in overcoming the burdens of our ancestors. It emphasizes the need to treat enemies with love and sincerity and highlights the role of love in the restoration process.

Key Insights:
  • The Sistine Chapel of God reaching down and touching Earth symbolizes the beginning of creation and the start of humanity's journey. 
  • Mrs. Sue, wife of President Yu, has been with True Father since 1955 and has faced persecution and rejection for her faith. Her testimony reflects the embodiment of God's word through True Parents. 
  • The word is not simply something that flows by, but rather a record of the tradition that brought victory over Satan. It is the lifeblood and liberation for heaven and earth. 
  • The analogy of repairing an old home and changing a doorknob reveals the challenges faced in restoring the original perfection of creation. Satan has had the opportunity to alter and corrupt the world over time. 
  • The restoration process is the reverse of the fall, aiming to restore all things, physical health, and blessing. This process involves fundraising, witnessing, and blessing to overcome the consequences of the fall.
  • Good deeds are a measure of contraction and a way to repay the debts of ancestors. It is essential to understand the concept of debt and the need for indemnification to break the cycle of suffering. 
  • Enemies are not to be hated, but seen as teachers and opportunities for indemnification. Treating them with sincerity and love helps to resolve the debts of ancestors and bring salvation to both parties. 

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