October 23, 2023

Sunday Service on October 15, 2023

Triangle Family Church Sunday Service on October 15, 2023


The sermon discusses religious persecution in Japan and the threats to the Church's freedom to practice religion. It highlights the low percentage of Christians in Japan and the recent attack on the Unification Movement. The speaker emphasizes the need for prayers and support for Japanese brothers and sisters.

Key Insights:
  • Religious persecution: The sermon highlights the threats to the Church's freedom to practice religion in Japan. It emphasizes the importance of protecting this fundamental right.
  • Prayers for Japan: The speaker calls for prayers and support for Japanese brothers and sisters facing persecution. The sermon acknowledges the faithfulness and preciousness of the Japanese Church members.
  • Global impact: The attacks on the Unification Movement and other connected organizations in Japan have wider implications. The sermon encourages action, such as writing letters to congressmen and raising awareness, to stand up for religious freedom.
  • Fundraising controversy: The sermon addresses criticism of fundraising members and their practices. It defends the donations made to support the Church's work, highlighting the story of the poor widow who gave everything she had.
  • US-Japan relations: The sermon emphasizes the importance of America standing up for Japan and supporting them during this time. It suggests writing editorials, sending letters to congressmen, and engaging with Japanese embassies.
  • Alliance with marginalized churches: The sermon highlights the historical alliances formed with marginalized churches, especially during the Church's persecution in the US. It emphasizes the need for unity and support in times of adversity.
  • God's testimony: The sermon shares a testimony about Bishop Dudley's powerful experience of receiving a direct message from God about True Mother. It highlights the significance of God's testimony in reinforcing faith and conviction.

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