December 31, 2023

Sunday Service on December 31, 2023

Triangle Family Church Sunday Service on December 31, 2023


1. As the sun sets on 2023, we can look back with pride on the aspirational and remarkable accomplishments we created in a challenging but rewarding year. 

2. We didn’t live in the past, but we invested in the future as we reached out again and again, tirelessly, unapologetically, to our young families with picnics, game nights, easter egg hunts, Christmas parties and Sunday school lessons.  We never stopped trying to reach our young people, and we never will, for they are the future which gives meaning to our sacrifices.

3. In the previous year, 2022, remember 2022? I often felt I was working alone, not because no one else was lending a hand, but because we were working at cross-purposes, cancelling each other out, as we struggled to define our priorities.  This year was different.  Everything we did was collaborative.  Someone did the planning, someone did the execution.  Someone prepared the music, someone prepared the food, and someone invited the guests.  Some set it up and others took it down.  Each event was organized by a team, and what an amazing team we were.  If we put our collective minds to it, I’m convinced there’s nothing we can’t do.

4. What did we do in 2023?  We visualized a prayer room, and then we created it, as a model for other churches.  We went on picnics at the lake, had easter egg hunts and invited Santa to entertain the children.  We shared a feast at Thanksgiving and celebrated Christmas together with a community meal.  We prayed and fellowshipped with dozens of pastors at convocations sponsored by ACLC and UPF.  We found tenants, inviting our friends at Armed and Ready Ministries to share our facilities.  We did all this while maintaining weekly worship services with good music, uplifting messages for the parents and for the children, and wholesome fellowship.  You should give yourselves a hand.

5. I’m especially grateful to the Church Council, these guys are amazing.  Tim and Gail, Hide and Theresa, and Mark and Carol Anne.  I also am indebted to Mamoru and Carolina, John and Sharon, Jack and Chiemi, Andrea, and John Henry and Sherry.  I would not be the pastor without John Henry.  When I was discouraged and ready to quit, he said: That’s not what leaders do.  I also appreciate our young couples: WonGin and Hanmi, Benjy and Hitoe, Gene and Marina, and InSoo and Ijin.  (Your parents should be and are so proud of you, and we love you, too.)

6. We are a remarkably resilient and close-knit community.  Community means that we lift up each other, we protect our blessed families, and we follow God who is leading us.  Where is God leading us right now?  True Mother is emphasizing two things: Prayer and taking care of each other.  She is encouraging us to find our way in this new year of 2024 through serious prayer, and she is encouraging us to visit with each other and forge stronger relationships between families.  This is going to be essential in the coming year, when we are faced with wars and rumors of wars, deep divisions in this country which we love, and unprecedented challenges to society.  People of God increasingly will stand out in a world that has turned its back on civility, which has lost its respect for human life.  We need a loud voice, not a lone voice, we need the voice of a community.

7. What will the New Year look like?  Will churches even be necessary?  We are a community; not a building.  We have so much in common: we all studied DP, we all went fundraising, we were all blessed by True Parents.  I see a change coming to the Christian world, not the mainstream churches; they will be the last to change.  But to the peripheral churches, those who have been persecuted and marginalized.  Many are embracing a faith which is moving away from judgementalism and fundamentalism and emphasizing a God who is with us in our darkest hour.  When we live in rhythm with that God, then we will find contentment, passion and love, and, like David, our cup will runneth over. 

8. To enter this new year and new age, we should be honest and vulnerable in front of each other and in front of God.    God Bless You.  

Slide 1: Photo slideshow of Holy Day celebrations, Easter picnic service, ACLC and UPF events, Christmas service pictures

Slide 2: 2023 overall financial report. Dec. has not been finalized yet. It is tentative.

2023 church finance was very good thanks to members’ donation and the building rent income. We kept contributing 10% of donation income to the national HQ and another 10% to Sub-region 2 HQ. In addition, we started a $300 monthly contribution to the national HQ as the building usage fee, which the national HQ asked each church center in the US. We are financially independent and help the national HQ and Sub-region 2. We appreciate all members’ hard work and donation. 

Slide 3: Highlights of 2023 finance

Our bank balance increased to over $17,000 from $13,496.31 in 2023
The total tithing in 2023 will be over $40,000.
It was $34,440.58 last year.
We had $4,904 in building rent income.
We spent a lot of money for the building renovation last year.
It bore fruit this year.
Thank you to those who worked hard to renovate and maintain the building.

Slide 4: 2024 Budget draft

Yellow highlighted expenses are necessary expenses regardless of our activities.

Slide 5: Sunday school report

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