January 15, 2024

Sunday Service on January 14, 2024

Triangle Family Church Sunday Service on January 14, 2024

Musical Offering

Sermon - Surpass Your Limits

The sermon discusses the theme of surpassing one's limits and draws inspiration from a Japanese anime. It emphasizes the challenges faced by parents and the importance of building the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. The speaker encourages listeners to live a God-centered life and experience love, joy, and growth. The sermon concludes with a prayer for guidance and the belief in Heavenly Parent' best interest in our lives.

Key Insights:

  • The sermon draws inspiration from a Japanese anime and uses the theme of surpassing limits to encourage listeners to overcome challenges and grow. It highlights the importance of standing up for what's right and the unexpected difficulties faced on the journey of building the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.
  • The speaker addresses doubts and anxieties about their beliefs, acknowledging the potential stress and fear of missing out. However, they emphasize the benefits of living a God-centered life, experiencing love, peace, joy, and growth beyond compare.
  • The prayer at the end expresses gratitude for the opportunity to give the sermon and seeks guidance from Heavenly parents. The speaker encourages listeners to be responsible and make decisions that empower their lives with love, joy, and happiness. They also emphasize the role of raising children to surpass their own achievements and shine brighter as God's children.
  • The sermon concludes with the belief that Heavenly parents have the best interest of their children at heart. The speaker encourages listeners to reinforce principles with will, intellect, and passion, fulfilling their 5% responsibility and inviting Heavenly parents into every aspect of their lives. They also emphasize the importance of pursuing one's passions, making concrete decisions, and not giving up on them, while consulting Heavenly parents.
  • Overall, the sermon inspires listeners to surpass their limits, live a God-centered life, and contribute to creating a beautiful world. It encourages growth, love, and joy, while emphasizing the importance of faith, perseverance, and raising the next generation to be even better.
Sunday school - Bible Study: David and Bathsheba

We learn about how David did some things that were very wrong and had to be punished by God and do an experiment to wash sins.

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