February 12, 2024

Sunday Service on February 11, 2024

Triangle Family Church Sunday Service on February 11, 2024

Musical Offering

Sermon - Will There Be Blues Music In Heaven?

The sermon discusses the intersection of music and the principle of creation. It explores the idea of whether there will be blues music in heaven and delves into the concept of God's dual characteristics. The speaker also shares personal experiences and insights on the direct Dominion of God and the purpose of creation.

Key Insights 

  • The speaker highlights the connection between blues and gospel music, both originating from the work songs of slaves and expressing their suffering and faith.
  • The speaker discusses the importance of honoring and praying for one's spouse during their transition to the eternal world, as exemplified by True Mother's devotion to True Father.
  • The speaker emphasizes the significance of the direct Dominion of God, describing it as an intimate and unbreakable relationship that prevents one from falling.
  • The speaker shares their personal journey of giving up worldly desires to follow God, and how He restored and utilized their talents for His glory.
  • The speaker recognizes the need for balance in leadership and the revolutionary message of God's dual characteristics, calling for a shift towards female leadership.
  • The speaker reflects on the purpose of creation, highlighting the joy and blessings that come from living a life of faith and striving towards building God's kingdom.
  • The speaker expresses gratitude for the opportunity to deepen their understanding of Divine Principle and the importance of having a relationship with God before receiving the more challenging truths.

Sunday school: Bible study - Solomon's Wise Judgement

Solomon's wisdom: Solomon was known for his wisdom and people came to him for advice.

Dispute resolution: Solomon used his wisdom to resolve a dispute between two women claiming the same baby.

True mother: Solomon determined the true mother by her willingness to spare her son's life.

Respect for Solomon: Solomon's wise judgement earned him respect from the people of Israel.

Wisdom from God: The wisdom that God gave Solomon is available to anyone who asks.

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