February 04, 2024

Sunday Service on February 4, 2024

Triangle Family Church Sunday Service on February 4, 2024

Musical Offering - "Amazing Grace" 

Sermon - Father's Words Are The Eternal Truth.

Scientists Speak Out About Evidence of Intelligent Design in Nature

  • Overwhelming evidence for intelligent design in nature, seen in various scientific fields.
  • Purposeful fine-tuning of the universe and our planet for our benefit and survival.
  • Fossil evidence points to intelligent design.
  • Exquisite engineering and encoded information found in living cells.
  • Genetic code and complexity in life suggest the involvement of intelligent agents.
  • Nature exhibits incredible examples of innovation surpassing human technology.
  • Clear message from molecules: intelligent design is the source of life. 

  • Scientists studying creation from a logical, scientific perspective are realizing the existence of a Creator.
  • Living relationship with God is sought after, not just faith or belief based on scripture or experiences.
  • True Parents emphasize mind and body unity, connecting the spiritual and physical aspects of life.
  • A speech by Father in 2005 highlights the purpose of life and the need for personal growth.
  • Father's prayer from 1958 expresses gratitude and longing for a world filled with God's love.
  • Father's teachings are eternal and unchanging, derived from Heaven's truth for the salvation of humanity.
  • Personal experience with Father's message and the Divine Principle solidifies belief in his role as the Messiah. 

Sunday school: Holy Spirit "Hovercraft" - Hands-on experiment to understand how the Holy Spirit helps us 

The Holy Spirit is a helper sent by God to be with us forever and help us follow Jesus and True Parents 1

Gravity is a force that keeps us stuck, but the Holy Spirit can help us get unstuck.

The wind experiment with the bottle top and balloon demonstrates how the Holy Spirit can lift us on a cushion of air.

The Holy Spirit gives us the power to obey God and helps us get unstuck when we disobey.

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