March 04, 2024

Sunday Service on March 3, 2024

Triangle Family Church Sunday Service on March 3, 2024

Musical Offering


The sermon discusses the importance of religious teachings in our lives and the need to pursue knowledge and wisdom continuously. It emphasizes the truth about God and the essence of Mother's and Father's hearts. The sermon also mentions the new age we are in, with a focus on youth and feminine leadership, media, the spiritual world, and a new geopolitical era.

Key Insights

  • The teachings of religion play a crucial role in shaping civilizations and guiding individuals towards a better world.
  • Selfishness and lack of responsibility have led to societal disconnection and broken family relationships.
  • While knowledge and wisdom are valuable, teachings about God's love and our relationship with Him hold the utmost importance.
  • The church is encouraged to focus on prayer visuals, witnessing to ministers, and increasing Sunday service attendance and donations.
  • The Blue Dragon Tour aims to activate witnessing efforts and increase the impact of Sunday services through music and high-level engagement.

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