April 25, 2024

Crucifixion - Morning Devotion on Apr. 25, 2024

The Crucifixion

And they crucified him.

Mark 15:24

Simon of Cyrene

As they were going out, they met a man front Cyrene, named Simon, and they forced him to carry the cross.

Matthew 27:32

A black man played an important role at the time of Jesus' crucifixion. When Jesus stumbled while carrying his cross to Calvary, a black person, Simon of Cyrene, took up Jesus' burden. That act was very significant; when the Last Days come; black people will be burdened with an important mission from God and will contribute greatly, to God's overall dispensation.

Corruption has come primarily from white society. Because of this I feel that some dynamic black spiritual leaders will be the hope of America in the future.

The Blessing
February 20, 1977

Jesus hoped to hear of someone who could bear the cross in his place, take the beatings on his behalf, and on the road of death of Golgotha suffer hardships and desperately call out in his place, "God! Father!" Although for 30 years he hoped to hear this kind of voice, when his hopes were dashed, how would he have felt?

We have to understand this heart of Jesus. We have to experience this pain of Jesus and be able to sympathize with his pain. Moreover, we should have the mindset that it is perfectly natural for us to go this path of death on which we will die many thousands of times for the sake of the humanity of the world.

When Jesus became fatigued while carrying the cross to Golgotha, there was none among his disciples who, like Simon of Cyrene, shouldered the cross in his place. There was not even one person like this among the people of Israel. This foreigner, Simon of Cyrene, participated in the tribulation of Jesus. Eventually Christianity emerged not as the religion of the Israelites. It became a religion of foreigners.

Today, we who have determined to believe in Jesus and go in search of God should be determined to carry out the same actions as Simon of Cyrene, even in our dreams. Although Simon of Cyrene could have made an excuse or rebelled, he silently obeyed and bore the cross in Jesus' place. We have to become this kind of person today

How did Jesus feel when he was looking at him? When the apostles with whom he had shared all his joys and sorrows had all disappeared, a foreigner named Simon of Cyrene suffered misery on his behalf. Looking at the situation, Jesus must have felt deeply embarrassed and sorrowful.

If among the twelve apostles there was just one person who had shouldered the cross in his place, then by looking at him, Jesus could have forgotten the hardships of death. He would have overcome his own agony by feeling sympathy for him. Nevertheless, because this did not take place, Jesus felt greater sorrow. You should understand this situation.

In the Christian world of today, there should emerge a denomination in the position of Simon of Cyrene. Yet, which denomination will take on that responsibility? Christians today should realize that Jesus could not become the Messiah of the apostles who had followed. He became the Messiah of a foreigner, Simon of Cyrene. They should build a church in honor of the position of Simon of Cyrene.

Let Us Become People Who Participate in the Glory of the Lord
June 16, 1957

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