April 28, 2024

Sunday Service on April 28, 2024

Triangle Family Church Sunday Service on April 28, 2024


The sermon discusses the themes of hiding and blaming in relationships, using the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden as a metaphor. The speaker reflects on his own experiences of hiding and blaming in his marriage and emphasizes the importance of pursuing intimacy and delight in relationships. Conflict is viewed as an opportunity for growth and closeness. Key Insights - The sermon explores the timeless themes of hiding and blaming, emphasizing their presence in both ancient stories and personal experiences. This highlights the universality of these struggles in relationships. - The speaker reflects on the consequences of hiding and blaming, suggesting that they hinder intimacy and prevent the experience of delight in relationships. This insight encourages individuals to address these destructive patterns. - Conflict is presented as an opportunity for growth and closeness. The speaker shares his realization that conflict can be a catalyst for pursuing intimacy, leading to a desire for more openness and vulnerability in relationships. - The speaker acknowledges the prevalence of suffering in the world, which prompts contemplation on the importance of pursuing delight in relationships. This insight highlights the potential for relationships to offer solace and joy amidst the struggles of life. - The unique nature of marriage is emphasized, as it provides an opportunity for two individuals to come together and create a story that is distinct to their relationship. This insight highlights the beauty and potential of marriage as a union of two unique stories. - The sermon encourages individuals to disrupt repetitive patterns and author a different story in their relationships. This insight emphasizes the power of choice and the ability to create a narrative that deviates from past experiences and generational cycles. - The prayer at the end of the sermon invites a sense of divine guidance and support in navigating relationships, acknowledging the need for kindness, grace, and wisdom in the pursuit of intimacy and delight.


- Visiting the Veterans Museum in Korea was a significant experience for Bishop Dudley and Minister Mary as they found it interesting and informative. - The visit to the Han River Bridge was emotionally touching for Minister Mary, as it held personal significance related to True Mother's memoir. - Singing together with young people from America was a memorable and inspiring moment for Bishop Dudley, as it brought a sense of unity and connection.

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