May 12, 2024

Sunday Service on May 12, 2024

Triangle Family Church Sunday Service on May 12, 2024

Musical Offering


The sermon discusses the importance of humility and how it can bring healing and unity to our divided nation. It shares personal stories and biblical references to emphasize the need for humility in our lives.

Key Insights

- The sermon emphasizes the need for humility in our lives, especially in a divided nation. Humility allows us to see God's perspective and serve others, ultimately bringing healing and unity to our land.

- The sermon addresses the hypocrisy in churches that pushes young people away. It encourages respecting and loving those who disagree with us, as well as loving our enemies. Humility is crucial in showing true love and compassion.

- The story of claiming the toilets symbolizes the importance of serving others and humbling ourselves. It reminds us that even our achievements and education should not make us proud, but rather, we should be willing to humble ourselves for the sake of others.

- The personal story of experiencing God's love challenges misconceptions about Him and highlights the importance of understanding His true nature. It leads to a deeper understanding of God's love and a change in perspective.

- The crucifixion story teaches us that even in our lowest moments, repentance and humility can lead to redemption and closeness with God. It reminds us of the power of humility in our spiritual journey.

- The story from the Blue Dragon Tour emphasizes the importance of unity and repentance within the church. It shows that even leaders need to humble themselves, listen, and repent in order to move forward and fulfill God's will.

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