May 20, 2024

Sunday Service on May 19, 2024

Triangle Family Church Sunday Service on May 19, 2024

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Does Jordan Peterson Believe in God?

The speaker discusses their perspective on the physical resurrection of Christ and the importance of not letting theological differences break relationships. He also talk about the concept of suffering and surrendering to God's will, emphasizing the need to overcome challenges and not play the victim. Key Insights - The speaker acknowledges his own uncertainty regarding the physical resurrection of Christ but emphasizes the importance of not letting theological differences divide relationships. This shows a willingness to recognize differing beliefs and prioritize unity and love. - The concept of suffering is discussed, with the speaker emphasizing the need to surrender to God's will and overcome challenges. He challenge the idea of using suffering as an excuse to become a victim, instead encouraging strength, resilience, and growth. - The speaker shares a personal story of overcoming anger and resentment towards someone who had mistreated him, illustrating the power of surrendering to God and finding healing in sharing his experience with others. - The speaker critiques the idea of viewing God as solely wanting to provide comfort and avoid hurting His children. He argues for a more mature and realistic faith that acknowledges the purpose and value in going through difficult experiences. - The speaker highlights the importance of taking personal responsibility for one's own growth and not blaming others, such as church leaders, for their own struggles. He encourages individuals to let go of anger, resentment, and victimhood, and to focus on personal transformation and living according to God's will. - The speaker emphasizes the significance of unity and love, praying for the dissolution of enmity and hatred. He expresses a desire for God's truth to prevail and for people to practice it in their lives. - The speaker acknowledges his own internal struggle and recognizes that his words are a reminder for himself as well. This shows humility and self-awareness, indicating a willingness to continually grow and improve in his faith journey.

Sunday School: Bible study - Daniel and the Lion's Den

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