June 10, 2024

Sunday Service on June 9, 2024

Triangle Family Church Sunday Service on June 9, 2024

Musical Offering


The sermon discusses the movie "Fly Away Home" and its themes of finding one's true home and facing inner struggles. The speaker reflects on the concept of imprinting and emphasizes the importance of inner transformation. The sermon also touches on the teachings of Jesus Christ and the need for authenticity in one's relationship with God. Key Insights

  • The concept of imprinting in the movie highlights the instinctual behavior of attachment and the need for guidance and mentorship.
  • The father's role in building an airplane for the geese represents the responsibility of True Parents in guiding humanity towards their Heavenly Parent.
  • The struggle to understand and internalize the message of finding our true home reflects the challenges and obstacles faced by fallen humanity.
  • Jesus Christ's teachings emphasize the importance of inner transformation and sincerity in our relationship with God.
  • The dream of meeting Jesus reveals the depth of his suffering and the need for individuals to face their own inner struggles.
  • Hyo Jin Nim's music is seen as a raw and powerful expression of his love for God and the struggle for authenticity.
  • The sermon concludes with a call for authenticity and genuine transformation in our journey towards our true home with our Heavenly Parent.

Sunday School:  a moral lesson about strength in unity from the story "Stone Soup"

  • Stone Soup: The story of Stone Soup teaches the value of sharing and community through a soldier's clever plan to make soup with a stone
  • Villager Unity: The villagers' unity and contributions turned a simple stone soup into a feast for all, fostering a spirit of cooperation
  • Lesson Learned: The villagers learned the importance of sharing and never went hungry again, symbolized by the soldier's gift of the stone
  • Craft Activity: The story is complemented by a craft activity, encouraging creativity with making a clay bowl

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