January 25, 2019

Weekly update on Jan. 25, 2019

Here's our current news. 

First, we've got three special days approaching: True Heavenly Parents Day (originally called God's Day) Feb 5, True Parents Birthday, Feb 10, and Foundation Day, Feb 17. Stay tuned for the international broadcast schedule and our local celebration schedule. 

On the occasion of Father and Mother's birthdays, which fall on the same day, we will offer our present as one united Heavenly USA. 

To be a part of that gift giving, please go to Birthday Offering

Thank you to our lovely couple Rev. Mamoru and Caroline Uyama for representing our local church and state at the TribeNet conference in Las Vegas last week. We hope that what happened in Vegas won't stay in Vegas! 

This week's TribeNet meeting featured an amazing account of Blessing activities in the Philippines. To watch the recording of it, you have to join TribeNet. This week's call had about 275 locations tuned in, probably about 500 family members. If you're not with TribeNet yet, go here: Join TribeNet

There is an ACLC national planning meeting and True Family Values Banquet in Chicago, Jan 31-Feb 3. Our new ACLC national co-chair, Dr. Ki Hoon Kim, is inviting every location to send an ACLC representative. Rev. John Kirkley, our new Charlotte church pastor, will represent North Carolina there. 
Our very own Rev. Joshua Angelucci is now working full-time for National Headquarters as the head of IT Development. Their first project is to build an app to help members keep track of people they are blessing and reaching out to. Thanks be to God he will stay in town and keep serving as our part-time pastor. 

This Sunday, our very own Sammy Uyama will be giving the message. Sammy is Director of the High Noon. Check out High Noon at https://www.highnoon.org. He and YiGyu as you probably know are living in Korea and they had their first little baby cutie pie lovabu girl a few months ago. High Noon is advancing around the world by leaps and bounds and I'm sure Sammy will fill us in this Sunday. We're totally looking forward to it. 

Next Sunday, February 3, our church will transform into The Living Room and it all will begin at 12:00 noon instead of 10:00 a.m. This is a guest-friendly service featuring good food, family fun, down-home music, open-heart surgery, I mean, open-heart fellowship, and a personal testimony about the Blessing. Please come and bring a friend along.

Tyler will be speaking at the High Noon Summit in the Bay Area on Feb 2. Pray for him because he's going to talk about God's Hope for Sex. No, really, that's what they want him to talk about! But he'll be back in time for the Living Room on Feb. 3. 

Also Tyler is going to the Birthday and Foundation Day celebrations in Korea. For those who want to make an offering for the liberation and Blessing of their ancestors, Tyler would be glad to convey that directly to the office there. For information, go here: Liberation and Blessing

A big thank you from all of us in the Triangle Family Church to Theresa Asada and Won Jin Bowman, our outgoing Council members. Their two years of service is really appreciated. We welcome new Council members Benjy Uyama and Hidetsugu Asada.

Thank you to Bob for lining up a company to restore the chapel's emergency exit door. We are just about to close the deal, and the work should begin in mid-February. 

Thank you to our clean up volunteers. This week the clean up is being organized by the Hopper and Huneycutt families.

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