February 01, 2019

Weekly update on Feb. 1, 2019

We hope you all are doing fine in this exciting and lovely winter season! Happy February! Valentine's Day is coming! 

Here's our current news. 

This Sunday we are doing an EXPERIMENT, a service devoted to families, food, fellowship and fun. It's called The Living Room, because it will be like having a big family reunion lunch in a place we call home. 

It'll start at 12:00 PM with a special, really really special meal and then fellowship and having a good time together. After the lunch ends, we'll dissolve into a chaos of pingpong, board games, jumping in on the clean-up, musicians making it all lively, chasing kids, having kids chase you, hugging, not wanting to leave, etc. etc., just where God wants to be, this SUNDAY at twelve noon. (Yes, not at 10 a.m.; it starts at noon.)

This week's TribeNet meeting featured an amazing testimony from Joshua Holmes, 2nd gen college student, CARP ass't leader out in LA, and his mom and dad like having 1 or 2 or 8 or 10 freakin' college students listening to DP lectures in their HOUSE, and Joshua's like, O man I really think we CAN build the kingdom of heaven! This week's call had about 275 locations tuned in again. If you're not with TribeNet yet, go here: Join TribeNet

Oh yes, we do have three special days approaching: True Heavenly Parents Day (originally called God's Day) Feb 5, True Parents Birthday, Feb 10, and Foundation Day, Feb 17. Stay tuned for the international broadcast schedule and our local celebration schedule. 

On the occasion of Father and Mother's birthdays, which fall on the same day, we will offer our present as one united Heavenly USA. 

To be a part of that gift giving, please go to Birthday Offering

The ACLC national planning meeting and True Family Values Banquet in Chicago is getting underway as we speak. Rev. John Kirkley, our new Charlotte church pastor, is on the scene. New national ACLC leadership: co-chairs Dr. Ki Hoon Kim and Dr. Luonne Rouse (UMC clergyman, UTS professor). Former co-chairs Dr. Michael Jenkins and Archbishop George Augustus Stallings are now directing UPF America and IAPD (Inter-Religious Association for Peace and Development, USA) respectively. 

Random Reminder: For those who want to make an offering for the liberation and Blessing of their ancestors, Tyler would be glad to convey that directly to the office at CheongPyeong. For information, go here: Liberation and Blessing

Thank you to our clean up volunteers. This week the clean up is being organized by the Asada and Mundula families. Remember: cleaning up gives you and your family an all-expenses paid ticket to get into Heaven, no questions asked. 

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