March 15, 2019

Weekly Update on March 15, 2019

Triangle Family Church
Weekly Update

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

This Sunday: Mini-Famicon

This week's service is a Mini-
, a national multiplication of the five sub-regional Famicons from two weeks ago. It will include testimonies and strategies for fulfilling Tribal Messiahship.

The first part during the regular service time, the second part will be after lunch for those who can stay. So, please plan to stay!!!

Before lunch, we will have inspiration and information about the what and why. After lunch, all are invited to hear about the how and become part of the who. After lunch, Benjy will run a separate section to help high school students understand and connect to the Blessing and Famicon.

Sunday, March 24: Our sister Masha Stoertz will be giving the message.

Saturday, March 30: WFWP Family Life and Blessing Program

On Saturday, March 30 there will be a Women's Federation For World Peace program from 1:00 - 3:00 PM  The event titled Cornerstone of Happiness will be hosted by Myrna Lapres and Carolyn Sampson. it will be a great program, about how great family life is important for society. It's a new WFWP program that leads seamlessly to the Blessing. See flyer.

April 6: True Mother in Los Angeles

True Mother will speak at the City of Refuge Church in Los Angeles on April 6. Local Christians definitely know about this church because its pastor, Noel Jones, has a popular podcast. Please continue to pray for True Mother's health and safety, all global Tribal Messiah's victory, America's top Christian and political leaders to recognize True Parents, and for America to be a good elder brother to the nations of the world.

April 19-21: Sub-Regional YAYAM Service Project

From April 19 - 21, we will be hosting the Spring Break retreat for High School students from all over our sub-region (Louisiana to Florida to Maryland).  Participants will be camping at Falls Lake and volunteering at Durham Rescue Mission and elsewhere.

There will be a special Sunday Service on April 21 with all the youth participants.

Charter Development

Our Council is developing our church charter for your consideration. Stay tuned!

The Council also decided to replace our old roof, which will protect the building from moisture infiltration. Work will start within the next 2 - 3 weeks.

Cleanliness is Next to Godliness 

Thank you to our clean up volunteers. This week In Soo Hendricks family and Tyler Hendricks family are supervising the clean-up.

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