March 08, 2019

Weekly Update on March 8, 2019

Triangle Family Church
Weekly Update

Dear Triangle Families,

Subregion 2 Famicon

A gathering of 135 members took place at the Bowie Family Fellowship, Bowie, MD. Pastor Joshua, Andrea Mundula, John and Sharon Pace and Tyler Hendricks attended from here, plus Els Dussek from Charlotte and Junko Hasebe from the Ocean Community.

We connected deeply with True Mother's heart and did something we've never done before, having 5 simultaneous leadership meetings around the country gathering a total of 600 members. We all were inspired and
will will share our inspiration and information on March 17, our Local Famicon (see below).

Here are some personal and official photos:

Famicon 2019 Recap Video:

America's Strategy for Vision 2020:
This Sunday: Living Room is this Sunday, March 10 @ 12 noon

Warm food and fellowship and a great message by Benjy Uyama. Last time was a real blast and hope to see you all there again this Sunday.

March 17: Triangle Family Church Mini-Famicon on Sunday, March 17 at 10 AM

The Sunday service after that will be centered around connecting to True Mother's heart, hearing testimonies from
Famicon, and Tribal Messiahship.

The program will continue after lunch where we'll each reflect on the question: "What is the next step that I will take to further my family's Tribal Messiahship activity?" and more.

March 30: WFWP Event: The Cornerstone of Happiness 

Myrna Lapres, our Subregional WFWP Chair, and Carolyn Sampson, our North Carolina Chair, will be leading a WFWP event called Cornerstone of Happiness. It will be on March 30. Please take a look at the beautiful flyer with all the details:

National 40-Day Prayer Condition until April 5

Please continue praying every day, plus you can join the nation to pray together every Wednesday at 9 PM. Find out info here:

Here are our national prayer points:
  • True Mother's health and absolute victory as we march towards 2020.
  • All American Blessed Central Families lay the foundation of victory through active Tribal Messiahship.
  • Top Christian and political leaders in the USA recognize True Parents' great work and honor our True Mother this year.
  • Absolute victory of our 5,000 Couples' Blessing with True Mother in Los Angeles on April 6, 2019. 
  • That America fulfills its responsibility as the Elder Son Nation and serves the world.
April 19-21: Subregion 2 High School Spring Break Service Project Retreat. 

We will be camping at Falls Lake and volunteering at Durham Rescue Mission, April 19-21. Please fill out the interest form:   |   Sermons   |   Weekly Updates   |   HJ Global News

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