May 23, 2023

Sunday Service on May 21, 2023

Triangle Family Church Sunday Service on May 21, 2023

Musical Offering


The sermon reflects on the importance of caring for others and the power of prayer. It highlights the success of a recent event and encourages continued teamwork and faith in achieving the church's vision.

Key Insights

1. The importance of caring for and praying for others:

The speaker shares a personal experience in a prayer room where they heard a voice urging them to take care of God's children and to pray for them. They emphasize that when we show compassion and pray for others, it brings comfort to God and allows others to feel and see God through our prayers.

2. The power of personal touch and creating a welcoming atmosphere:

The speaker highlights the significance of reaching out to others and offering a personal touch. They mention how extending kindness and physically embracing others can change their feelings and create an amazing atmosphere of compassion and love. They also express gratitude for everyone's efforts in making the recent event a beautiful and welcoming experience.

3. Recognizing and including everyone in the team effort: 

The speaker acknowledges the importance of recognizing and including all individuals in the team's efforts. They mention the recognition of John Pace, highlighting the positive impact of acknowledging and including others, making them feel valued and contributing to the overall success of the event. The speaker emphasizes that every person in the room is important and their contributions are appreciated.

4. The ministry of the digital age and the importance of vision:

The speaker discusses the ministry of digital platforms in spreading the message of God's work on a broader scale. They mention the impact of HCLC videos in showcasing the global vision and events happening worldwide. They emphasize the need for people to be aware of God's work beyond what they personally know and to have faith in accomplishing the shared vision.

5. Overcoming challenges through sincere effort and faith: 

The speaker shares their belief that success requires paying a price and giving sincere effort. They mention that by investing their hearts and giving their best, they have experienced spiritual support and overcome challenges. They encourage everyone to have faith and put in the necessary effort to achieve the shared vision.

6. The value of teamwork and unity:

The speaker expresses gratitude for the teamwork and unity demonstrated during the recent event. They highlight the importance of accepting others for who they are and serving them with love and care. They believe that by building trust and involving others, an amazing atmosphere can be created, leading to a stronger sense of brotherhood and sisterhood.

7. The potential of the church facility for community outreach: 

The speaker initially questions the idea of renting out the church facility but later recognizes its value as a means of outreach to the community. They believe that by making the facility available to community leaders and allowing them to experience the church's events, a stronger connection can be formed, leading to more people wanting to become involved and connected with the church.

Sunday School: Bible Study - Moses 4

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