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Summary: Learning about meditation and its connection to our original nature and Union with God.


  • Surprised to find a quote from Father about learning how to meditate.
  • Some recall Father speaking about meditation in the past, while others are not familiar.
  • Autobiography and speeches mention Father's meditation practices.
  • Importance of learning how to meditate as a way to unite with God and awaken our original nature.
  • Using a mantra as a simple and effective meditation technique.
  • Benefits of meditation include calmness, connection with God, and improved health.
  • Personal experiences of peace and embracing God during the meditation exercise. 

... Every human being has an inner connection to his or her original, eternal nature. Every person possesses elements of the ideal of creation within his or her heart. Therefore human beings have the capacity to overcome their sin, become complete, achieve union with God, and live infinitely happy lives. The goal of our prayers is to awaken that inner nature Jour original, eternal nature] and make it the core of our thinking.

Moon, Sun Myung, and Hak Ja Han Moon. Cheon Seong Gyeong. Seonghwa Chulpansa, 2015, p. 888 [Sun Myung Moon, Cheon Seong Gyeong, Book 8. Chapter 3.14].

Take two tuning forks and strike one; the other will vibrate with the same frequency. A well-rounded mind makes a good resonating vessel. It has the sensitivity to feel the spiritual vibration coming from the Subject Being.

Therefore, when living a life of faith, you need to take time to meditate. Meditate while longing for goodness. When you meditate, open the door of your mind ...

Then, God's original nature and your original nature will resonate together. The individual qualities of your mind [e.g ., your spring-like personality will resonate completely with those same qualities of God, uniting you in a complete relationship with the Subject Being. In that state, when you go out to pursue your desired purpose, God will certainly be with you.

Wilson, Andrew, editor. World Scripture II. Universal Peace Federation, 2011, p. 807

When you meditate, it helps to use a mantra. Mantras are words that we repeat over and over (usually for 20 minutes) that cause our mind to become calm and quiet, so we can resonate with God's mind:

Dear God, my heart is open. Please come rest, inside my heart.
Dear God, my heart is open. Please come rest, inside my heart.
Dear God, my heart is open. Please come rest, inside my heart.

During meditation, your mind will want to wander. When that happens, just gently go back to focusing on the mantra. Repeat it continuously for 20 minutes. Afterwards, write down any inspirations that come.

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