August 21, 2023

Sunday Service on August 20, 2023

Triangle Family Church Sunday Service on August 20, 2023

Musical Offering


The sermon discusses the relevance of fishing in Father's vision for the world. The speaker shares personal experiences and reflections on Father's teachings, highlighting the importance of practical action and the impact of Father's vision on his own life.

Key Insights:

  • Father's vision: The sermon highlights Father's innovative ideas and practical solutions for addressing global issues, such as using the ocean to feed people and developing sustainable fishing practices. Father's visionary thinking extended beyond the spiritual realm, emphasizing the importance of practical action in creating a better world.
  • Impact on the speaker's life: The speaker shares how Father's vision influenced his career path and personal life. From working in Japanese restaurants to opening his own restaurant, the speaker experienced firsthand the realization of Father's ideas and the positive impact they had on his life.
  • Father's teachings on fishing: Father's speech on tuna fishing serves as a metaphor for the ruggedness and determination required to save the world. Fishing life, according to Father, instills qualities that are essential for the mission of building a better world, emphasizing the importance of both practical and spiritual aspects.
  • Cultural understanding: The speaker's marriage to a Japanese woman and his experience in the Japanese restaurant business provided him with a deeper understanding of Japanese culture and character. This understanding was critical in successfully navigating and operating within the Japanese restaurant industry.
  • Father's divinity and humanity: While the speaker acknowledges the importance of recognizing Father's divinity, he emphasizes the significance of understanding and emulating Father's humanity. The speaker seeks to emulate Father's practical vision and dedication to saving the world, recognizing the critical role of both divinity and humanity in Father's mission.
  • Gratitude for God's guidance: The speaker expresses gratitude for God's hand in guiding his life and the blessings and opportunities he has received. The speaker acknowledges the importance of collective efforts in creating a Heavenly world, highlighting the role of individuals in bringing peace and happiness to all.
  • Personal journey and growth: The sermon traces the speaker's journey from working in a Chinese restaurant to opening his own restaurant and the challenges and growth experienced along the way. The speaker's story exemplifies the transformative power of Father's vision and the personal impact it can have on individuals committed to his mission.

Sunday School: Bible Study - Moses 5

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