September 11, 2023

Sunday Service on September 3, 2023

Triangle Family Church Sunday Service on September 3, 2023

Musical Offering


The sermon discusses the importance of dreams, visions, and prophecy in bridging the connection between the physical and spiritual world. It emphasizes the need to evolve forward while still maintaining our origins and cultural guidance. The speaker shares personal experiences and encourages the audience to pay attention to the messages received in dreams.

Key Insights:
  • Dreams, visions, and prophecy serve as a bridge between the physical and spiritual world, allowing individuals to receive guidance and messages beyond the rational mind.
  • Evolving forward does not mean completely abandoning origins and cultural guidance, but rather building upon historical foundations to deepen our understanding and connection.
  • Dreams and visions are not exclusive to significant central figures but can be experienced by anyone. It is not necessary to suffer before being worthy of revelation; readiness to receive is key.
  • Dreams and visions should be taken notice of, treasured, and reflected upon for the emotional message they carry, just as Mary treasured her discoveries about Christ in her heart.
  • Practical interpretation of dreams involves giving them titles, identifying the overall theme, emotional impact, and exploring the feelings experienced during the dream.
  • Personal experiences with dreams can provide valuable insights and guidance, serving as a means of communication from heavenly father. We should be attentive and discerning towards these messages.
  • The sermon emphasizes the importance of being open, humble, and ready to receive answers and guidance from God and each other, fostering growth, and sharing love within the community.

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