October 03, 2023

Sunday Service on October 1, 2023

Triangle Family Church Sunday Service on October 1, 2023

Musical Offering

Sermon - Winter is coming.


The sermon discusses the busy week of the pastor and the upcoming challenges the church may face. It also touches on the importance of prayer and the need for outreach and inreach efforts.

Key Insights:

  • The pastor uses the concept of "winter is coming" to symbolize tough times in biblical terms and relates it to the challenges the church may face.
  • Long prayers can be challenging, but the pastor encourages patience and listening for inspiration to pray effectively.
  • The pastor emphasizes the importance of teamwork and relying on other members for church activities and outreach efforts.
  • The church's involvement in suicide prevention highlights the relevance and timeliness of addressing important issues in the community.
  • The pastor acknowledges the struggles and anxieties of writing sermons and the need for inspiration and interesting topics to engage the congregation.
  • The pastor appreciates the support and understanding of his close friend and colleague, Reverend Saunders, and values the freedom to express himself openly.
  • The pastor expresses concerns about the current state of the movement on a larger scale, including court cases and scandals, but remains hopeful and emphasizes the strength and resilience of the church.

Sunday School: Hand-on experiment - Can Do Faith

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