October 11, 2023

Sunday Service on October 8, 2023

Triangle Family Church Sunday Service on October 8, 2023

Musical Offering


Topic of shame and finding beauty in the dark.

  • The speaker describes going on an early morning run and finding beauty in the darkness.
  • Reflects on the different faces of God in the daylight and in the dark.
  • Shares a personal story about experiencing shame and its effects on their life.
  • Describes shame as persuading us that we're not enough, isolating us, keeping us from God, and masking itself as our own identity.
  • Emphasizes the importance of inviting God into the darkness rather than trying to eliminate it.
  • Shares a journal entry about feeling tired and irritable, but finding forgiveness and love from God.
  • Discusses the healing power of tears and how they can be a form of expressing love and grief. 

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