November 19, 2023

Prayer Luncheon

Prayer Luncheon on November 18, 2023 at Triangle Family Church

Welcoming Remarks by Pastor Bob Huneycutt

Prayer Luncheon Introduction of programs by Bishop Charles Dudley & Pastor Marion Dudley

Prayer for Meal

Video of World Summit in Korea 2023 - Who is Hak Ja Han Moon?

Nov. 18, 2023 Triangle Family Church

Prayer for Students & Teachers by Pastor George Riddick, Armed & Ready Ministry

Song "I Can Only Imagine" by Triangle Family Church Band

Prayer for Students & Teachers by Pastor George Riddick, Armed & Ready Ministry

Prayer for Single Parents, Marriage & Families, Blended Families by Elisa Rosoff

The Life and Mission of Jesus Christ: Only Begotten Son by Bishop Charles Dudley & Pastor Marion Dudley


A video script discussing the importance of understanding the teachings of Father Moon and the Unification Church, as well as the concept of the only begotten son.  It emphasizes the need for open-mindedness and unity in order to accomplish more together.


  • Thanking the audience for their passion and enlightening perspectives.
  • Introducing Father Moon's book, "The Life and Mission of Jesus Christ," and the importance of reading it.
  • Highlighting the global connections made through the Unification Church.
  • Exploring the concept of the only begotten son and its connection to Jesus.
  • Emphasizing the love and sacrifice of God through Jesus.
  • Encouraging open-mindedness and understanding of different perspectives.
  • Promoting unity and collaboration in order to achieve greater goals. 

Group Discussion

Keynote Address: The Centrality of the Blood Lineage, the Marriage Blessing and brief introduction to the Only Begotten Daughter by Dr. Achille Acolatse

Summary: The centrality of blood image, the marriage blessing, and the only begotten daughter are important concepts to be discussed in this video. Highlights:
  • The speaker expresses gratitude to the team and audience, emphasizing the love and effort put into the program.
  • The video starts by discussing God's excitement and investment in creating the world and human beings in His image.
  • Bible verses highlight the importance of the male and female coming together to reflect the image of God.
  • The consequences of Adam and Eve eating the forbidden fruit resulted in a contamination of the blood image.
  • The blood lineage of the devil became present in humanity, leading to a struggle between good and evil within individuals.
  • Jesus Christ came to remove the sin and deliver humanity from the Satan's blood lineage.
  • The video ends with a reference to the book of Revelation, hinting at Jesus' return and the ultimate victory over sin.
Prayer for ministers & community leaders by Molly Grace - Arise Prison Ministry

Song "I Believe" by Triangle Family Church Band

Recognition of old and new leaders, announcements

Benediction Prayer

Song "Let There Be Peace On Earth"

Picture Album

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