November 13, 2023

Sunday Service on November 12, 2023

Triangle Family Church Sunday Service on November 12, 2023

Musical Offering


The sermon discusses the importance of loving your enemies and the limit to forgiveness. It also emphasizes the need for sacrifice and the role of the Unification Church in the world.

Key Insights: 
- The sermon explores the concept of loving your enemies and questions the limit to forgiveness. It highlights the biblical teaching of loving your enemies and the theological soundness of this principle. It also raises the question of whether there is a limit to forgiveness and love for those who persecute and despise you.

- The sermon emphasizes the importance of sacrifice and the role of sacrifice in the Unification Church. It discusses the sacrifices made by true parents and the need for individuals to sacrifice for the sake of humanity. The sermon suggests that the level of sacrifice can be a measure of leadership within the church.

- The sermon acknowledges the risk and discomfort of speaking the truth and standing up against evil. It discusses the potential consequences of speaking out and the need for bravery in combatting falsehood and injustice.

- The sermon reflects on the value of true parents' sacrifice and the hope for a future without pain and suffering. It expresses gratitude for the blessings received and highlights the beauty of nature and the grace and forgiveness of God.

- The sermon concludes with a prayer for the continuation of God's Providence and a commitment to living in humility and gratitude. It expresses the belief that through sacrifice and devotion, the pain and suffering in the world will eventually disappear.

Sunday School: Bible Study - Ruth

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