December 03, 2023

Sunday Service on December 3, 2023

Triangle Family Church Sunday Service on December 3, 2023

Musical Offering

Sermon - Adversity and Attitude

The speaker discussed the topics of adversity and attitude. He emphasized the importance of recognizing our own worth and the love that God has for each individual. He also explored the idea of creating ideal families and the role of religion in achieving this. He shared stories of miracles in history, highlighting God's handprint on America. He encouraged the audience to maintain a positive attitude and to approach adversity with love and understanding.

-  Emphasizes the preciousness of each individual and God's love for them
-  Discusses the creation of the world and the importance of ideal families
-  Encourages maintaining a positive attitude in the face of adversity
-  Shares stories of miracles in American history
-  Highlights the role of spirituality in changing our perspective
-  Explores the power of attitude and love in overcoming challenges
-  Encourages viewing others with understanding and compassion

Sunday school - Bible Study: David and Goliath

Sermon transcript Japanese translation
Today's talk will be about adversity and our attitude so before I begin, I wanted to mention to you something about how precious each one of you really is. 

I was traveling to Las Vegas for an original substance Divine principle a few years ago and on the way, we stopped by what they call the Petrified Forest. It had a timeline of human history showing how much time it took to create from the very beginning of the universe to the end and so they compressed that timeline into one year, so we know the Earth is in the development of the universe is billions of years old. So, you can imagine even one second is very meaningful. All that history and all of that effort and all those billions of years that took human beings appeared on December 31st the last like 10 seconds before the year closed that's the amount of effort that God made to prepare the world and the universe for his children that's how important you are to Him.

Creation represents the love of God. It's the result of billions of years of effort on God's part to prepare the world, the womb for human beings. God was looking forward to seeing you every day. The day is meant just for you God created for you think about how much effort and how much love and how much expectation God has for each one of us. I just wanted to start off on that note that everyone in here is historical and precious because God's dream  is not to form of religion, God's dream is to form a family centered on God we live together with God the center of our family and that's only accomplished by ideal families blessed ideal families populated in the nation and the world otherwise God's dream cannot be realized. In Father's words it says God is not interested in a world of worship and religion this is not what we're created for, He wants a world of true families, where everyone belongs with Him, becomes one with Him representing Him in heart and in love. We have that kind of relationship that we're supposed to share with God. It's not about the religions about creating ideal families. 
I was thinking the other day we go through a lot of struggle in life. I go through a lot of struggles. It can be a financial struggle, it can be emotional, it can be so many different things and a lot of times I feel like I'm on a roller coaster because you look around the world and there's so much injustice in the world and it gets you angry, it gets you really upset. How can I be a Godly person in that kind of situation? What can I do to separate myself from this kind of situation by looking at the world the way it is today. That's why I titled this talk or sermon adversity and our attitude.

When you look at True Parents, True Father has an amazing attitude even when he's confronted with his own enemy who's totally 180 degrees opposed to him. When he was in a courtroom and prosecuted, He went up to shake the hand of the prosecutor. It shows the attitude and love that our Father had. We need to have that kind of attitude in our own hearts when we face adversity and trials and tribulations.

I thought back in history, the way America was formed, and our founding fathers. There are some amazing things that our founding fathers accomplished. They went through the adversity and the struggle to form a nation that was like in chaos, fighting for its very existence against the mighty British Army. I printed out some articles about miracles that God has created in our nation. Going back to the founding fathers, George Washington was a young man like 23 years old and he volunteered to be an aid to General Edward Braddock in the United States during the French and Indian War. Fierce fighting broke out as troops were ambushed by the French and the Indian foes as they marched through the woods becoming pinned down in a ravine then the fighting brought down nearly every officer among Braddock's forces except young Washington more than 900 died in a chaotic battle including General Braddock. 

Washington rallied the troops from the horseback to an easy target only 30 ft away from the firing line well within range the remaining troops with Washington retreated to Virginia he later discovered four musket ball holes in his jacket. He described the miracle of his survival but by the all-powerful dispensation of the Providence; "I have been protected beyond all human probability or expectation for I had four bullets through my coat and two horses shot under me yet I escaped although death was leveling companions on every side of me."

This is just one story and there are many of how God's handprint is on America and God's expectation for America. Another story that I have to tell you is a really amazing story. About 800 cannons were sent from France and under the command of Admiral Duke to make attack and claim Louisburg Nova Scotia from the British. There was a struggle between these two great Empires over the land and the new world according to their plan the forces would then attack the coast of New England and onward to as far as South as Georgia and perhaps even some of the islands of the Caribbean. It caused great fear in the hearts of those living on the American Colonial East Coast. English colonies had nothing which could stand against a great Fleet. The towns on the Atlantic coast could not really hope for a win any sort of heads-up fight nor could they protect their homes. French could bring the soldiers on board that could attack into the streets of various towns once the ships landed. The word spread among the colonists about the coming French Fleet and the people responded in the great numbers to the governor's declaration by reports the churches were very full. They were praying to God for help and protection in Boston Massachusetts at a church called the Old South Meeting House. Both Samuel Adams and Benjamin Franklin would eventually be members of this Puritan built Church though perhaps they were not present on the day. Reverend Pastor Thomas Prince went up to the pulpit. He asked the Lord to deliver them from their enemies. He asked the Lord to raise his right hand and send the powerful storm to where the French fleet was sailing. On the day a mighty wind came out and shook the church against the windows. Though no one was in the steeple, the church bell rang twice. The belfry startled people. The pastor knew this to be something out of the ordinary, immediately raised his arms, and cried out to the Lord that they had heard His voice, His answer to their prayers. He cried out amen amen. Soon the events of that day in the Old South Meeting House were heard all over the area lending hope. Nearly the whole French fleet, 13,000 men 800 cannons, were lost. French Fleet had sailed off. The threat was gone by God's power and Providence. 
There are many stories like this. America is the model nation of God. Every single one of you is precious part of this Providence that God had planned. Many times, in my life of faith I can pray to God but I don't necessarily get an answer. I sometimes feel God is not hearing the prayer. We sometimes feel we're all alone like Father has mentioned in some of his speeches. Where do we turn to? What can we do? I have to look inside myself and I think about Father's words what Father would do in the kind of situation that I'm in right now. Maybe you have financial hardships. There could be an innumerable number of things that are beyond your control but the only thing you can really control is your reaction to it. How do I react even in the worst kind of circumstances? How can I become a holy person? How can I become a Godly person? How can I become a Son of God? Can I control my emotions? Can I look at things the way God sees them instead of looking at person as my enemy? If circumstances were different, what kind of person would he be? He might be my best friend. We don't live in a Godly environment so rather than judge a person maybe we can look beyond that and to take Father's Heart and attitude to love that person think of what happened that person to turn him into the kind of person he is today. Our attitude is very important. 

I came across this little book. It's how to gain spiritual help and it has a very interesting way of spirit looking at all things that seem to be plain or nondescript and attaching a spiritual meaning to it like there's certain part of spirituality that governs the way we see things and the way we think about things. There are some key points here. The Lord knows we need spiritual help to be able to accomplish things that we're asked to do but it says here so what attitude do we need to nurture in order to move the entire spirit world. 

We need to change our concepts. Our attitude is an environment that must be prepared in order to receive spiritual help. We must use father's words and make ourselves channels to receive spiritual power so the spirit world wants to be part of everything that we do. Whatever we may look at, we may search for the nobility in it and treat as if it were owned directly by the True Parents then everything becomes an expensive antique a God-given treasure each object is waiting for your touch hoping to feel the vibration of God through you consider all things holy. Why does a handkerchief owned by a holy man become so valuable? Because of the vibration of the holy man, everything that we become people that we encounter they are the sons and daughters of God. Now everything we see in nature is molded and created by God's hand. Every drink of water is created for God to keep us alive and nourish. The food that we eat has a holy meaning to it if we have the right attitude and the right heart behind it. Even the little things can make a difference. 

The world can be crazy around you but if you have the right attitude and the right heart your heart can resonate with God's heart. You probably heard the term resonance. Things vibrate at the same frequency. Your heart begins to vibrate at the same frequency as God. Your relationship with God deepens and you act on your inspirations. You feel God's heart and situation. 

You try to do something about it. It can be small. You might want to go over and talk to somebody. We have to really embrace each other as true brothers and sisters and really love one another as God looks at us and loves us. That's very important we're not here to judge each other or anything like that but we're here to support and love one another and help all of us become better human beings. It's a process. Through the blessing we have the second generations. They have the opportunity. They have a tremendous opportunity to go much further than we can go and after each generation passes and passes eventually there will be no more sin on the earth.

I heard True Mother once said we have to get to the point that it won't even be a memory it has never existed because it's a stain and a hurt and a pain and we don't want to remember. God never want to remember. 

I can't leave out something called prayer we've all heard so much about prayer but prayer is very important. Mr. Sudo said that prayer is like food for our spiritual soul. When we connect in prayer, we can connect with God in most deep and meaningful way. We really need that now because we're asked to do miraculous and incredible things. We can't do it on our own. We need prayer. We can pray about how we connect to God. It has to come to a kind of life of respect. No matter what kind of person they may be as a child be respectful towards elderly people think over your words three times before uttering them and always have a humble attitude always share with others the best things you have so sharing and living an unselfish life and God being the most unselfish being is a way that we can really transform ourselves become other centered and learning this great joy and serving and helping others achieve their full potential as God God's son and daughter and that's why community like this is so important because we're here to help each other not just go about our daily activities but we're really here to help each other. 

I have weak points. We can overcome with a strong community, and we don't condemn each other we don't try to judge one another. We try really to love one another and then that can bring God into our hearts and our minds into our community. This is my basic message.
I look back at people like George Washington in Valley Forge under the most incredible circumstances. Most of his men didn't even have shoes in cold of winter. They are marching in the snow without any boots on frost feet. They kept going. They had that kind of incredible faith and love for God. We can't run away from God. You may think you might be losing by giving up your life for God or trying to do something to help God's situation but actually you're gaining everything. We live we're preparing this life as a preparation for our eternal life. We will live for millions for rest of eternity but what we do here now is very important how much we can love each other how much we can demonstrate that love to other people.

I go out selling roses on Thursday and Friday. Sometimes I don't want to go out. It's cold. It's windy. It's rainy. I have no idea where I'm going. I pray and then something happens and for some reason I go and suddenly God works and then people the way they greet you they notice little things about you. It's something about your spirit. People feel something about you so you may think you don't know the difference but you do make a difference. They look at you like family. Suddenly we have this kind of connection. We get a connection and they really respect you and they even encourage you in what I'm doing. We do have an impact just the fact that we have this kind of spirit around us influences our environment and influences the way people react toward us not in every situation but in a lot of situations. God really loves you. You're historical people. God deeply loves and cares for you and but God needs love too. That's my message and I hope I can  offer this to God. 

I always pray that God can use me to try to deliver whatever He wants to say to you all. Thank you very much. Now I'd like to offer a prayer.

Dear Heavenly Parent,
We gather here together. Heavenly Parent, we're so grateful. Heavenly Parent, we have each other that we have Divine Principle, and we have the True Parents and our deepest heart and deepest desires to share this Blessing with other people. Heavenly Parent, it's amazing that we live at this time in this age when it's such a critical age and such a critical time when what we do and what others do. Heavenly Parent can make a difference of the entire direction, humanity will take in the near future. We pray Heavenly Parent for True Mother who's the beacon of light and hope in the world as a mother of peace is just wants to bring all people together all races, all cultures, all religions. We don't need titles but we're a fond family under God so I pray you can utilize each one of us each brother and sister and their talents and abilities. We can help support you and support the ideal for it is the only thing Heavenly parent really worth living for to create a world of joy and love the way we're meant to be with each other. Heavenly Parent and with you at the center so we thank you that we could meet here today. We thank you for all that you do for us each and every day and I pray and I offer this on behalf of all here present as I pray in name of Tim Davis family Aju.

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