December 09, 2023

World Religions and God; An Interfaith Sharing and Experience

World Religions and God; An Interfaith Sharing and Experience Dec. 9, 2023 at Triangle Family Church

Blessing for the Meal

Entertainment song - "If I Can Dream"

Introduction to Universal Peace Federation 

Beverly Yekeson, Ambassador for Peace from Liberia, shared her experiences and discussed the importance of interfaith collaboration in building a culture of peace. She emphasized the shared values among different religions and the need for working together to create bridges and promote peace.

Discussion: How does your faith tradition encourage a peaceful world?

- Christianity emphasizes love, charity, and forgiveness as exemplified by Jesus Christ. These qualities are seen as important for creating a peaceful world.

- Islam highlights the importance of justice and inner peace. Individuals must find peace within themselves before creating a peaceful environment.

- Hinduism, Buddhism, and Unificationism focus on cultivating inner peace and replicating it in the world. The idea is to create an environment of peace and promote unity among different religions.

- The family is considered a critical point in building world peace. Balancing power, finding beauty in nature, and promoting shared values are also seen as important factors.

- Interdependence, shared values, and respect for religious backgrounds are essential for creating a peaceful world. By working together and listening to each other, an environment of peace can be fostered.

- Islam believes that justice and peace are interconnected. Prioritizing the rights of people and adopting an unbiased perspective are crucial in seeking justice and achieving peace.

- It is important to recognize biases and explore different perspectives. By acknowledging historical events and understanding the impact of bias, a more holistic view of peace can be achieved.

Entertainment song - "What a Wonderful World"

Interface Water Ceremony with Interfaith Leaders

It discussed a water ceremony, where representatives from various religions poured water into a bowl to symbolize shared interdependence, mutual prosperity, and universal brotherhood. The water was then sprinkled as a symbol of spreading the love of God and promoting peace.

The water ceremony represents the shared interdependence and values among different faiths. Each representative pours water into a bowl to symbolize universal brotherhood and peace. The water is mixed together to symbolize harmony and shared peace. The bowl of water is sprinkled on people at the tables to spread the love of God and promote peace. It concludes with a sense of unity and the presence of the Holy Spirit.

Closing Remarks

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