April 23, 2024

Sunday Service on April 21, 2024

Triangle Family Church Sunday Service on April 21, 2024

Musical Offering

Sermon - Power of Forgiveness

The speaker discusses the power of forgiveness sharing a personal story of forgiving his father. The key message is that forgiveness is possible when one understands the other person's situation completely.

Key Insights

  • Understanding the other person's situation completely is crucial for forgiveness. By reflecting on their upbringing, experiences, and challenges, we can develop compassion and forgiveness.
  • Personal stories and experiences can be powerful tools to illustrate the process of forgiveness and inspire others to seek forgiveness in their own lives.
  • Resentment and anger can have negative effects on our physical and mental well-being. Forgiveness allows us to let go of these toxic emotions and experience healing and liberation.
  • Forgiveness is not limited to forgiving others but can also include forgiving oneself and even God. Expressing our true feelings and seeking understanding can lead to a deeper connection with God and a sense of unconditional love.
  • Forgiveness requires humility and acceptance of responsibility. When we acknowledge our own faults and mistakes, it becomes easier to forgive others and ourselves.
  • Forgiveness is a transformative process that leads to personal growth and a stronger connection with others. It allows us to let go of the past and embrace love, compassion, and understanding.
  • Reflecting on the lives of our parents and understanding their struggles can help us develop empathy and forgiveness towards them. This can lead to a deeper appreciation and love for our parents.

Sunday School - Moral lesson from Chinese parable "The old man lost his horse." (塞翁失馬 Sai Weng Shi Ma)

Sai Weng Shi Ma: The Chinese story 'The old man lost his horse' teaches us to have a positive attitude when facing challenges and difficulties.

Silver Lining: The story reminds us that sometimes bad things happen which carry a silver lining.

Good Fortune: The man's horse returned with a fine mare, increasing his fortune.

Dealing with Problems: The man had a good way of dealing with problems, believing that something good might come out of difficulties.

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