May 31, 2024

Jesus Appears to the Disciples - Morning Devotion on May 29, 2024

Jesus Appears to the Disciples

Then the eleven disciples went to Galilee, to the mountain where Jesus had told them to go. When they' saw him, and worshiped him; but some doubted.

Matthew 28:16-17

Even after his death, Jesus was concerned about the disciples who had scattered, and even during the three days in the tomb he was determined to protect them for eternity. Consequently he went to the shores of Galilee after his resurrection and searched for them.

We might wonder from a humanistic perspective today how he could treat them like that when they had no sense of responsibility Although they had betrayed him when they faced difficulty right after the resurrection, he went to Galilee and started to fulfill his responsibility The character of Jesus, who raised them up to be unchanging disciples even when he was going over the hill of death, is an admirable character we should learn from today.

That is not all. We should understand that in addition to his disciples at that time, he was taking responsibility for the countless saints who came after him, and for us, 2,000 years later. The history of restoration is the history of the whole. Because God's will is saving the whole, Jesus has taken responsibility for the whole of humanity.

Jesus Christ, the Pride of God
May 16, 1956

What is the resurrection of Jesus? It is not merely the issue of whether his body rose out of the tomb. That is but a small part. The most significant aspect is the resurrection of Jesus' heavenly principle and his God-centered love.

God and the Building of the Kingdom of God
April 17, 1977

Jesus' resurrection was the first representation of the glory of heaven and the glory of victory won in the fight with Satan in the 4,000-year history Because Jesus had demonstrated the standard of victory on the spiritual and substantial level, God raised the deceased Jesus to unfold another dispensation. Through the crucifixion, Jesus took on the responsibility for the 4,000-year history of the dispensation and the responsibility of the ancestors. Representing the glory of heaven, he ascended to heaven. This is what the resurrection and ascension are about. Similarly, Jesus came with the purpose to show substantially the internal glory of God on the earth. In other words, he came to demonstrate fully the glory of God. The complete glory combines the internal and external glory. This is the mission that Jesus came to fulfill.

Like Jesus, Let Us Return the Glory of Resurrection to God
May 27, 1956

Satan exercised his maximum power to crucify Jesus, there-by attaining the goal he had sought throughout the 4,000-year course of history On the other hand, by delivering Jesus to Satan, God set up as compensation the condition to save sinful humanity. How did God achieve this? Because Satan had already exercised his maximum power in killing Jesus, according to the principle of restoration through indemnity, God was entitled to exercise his maximum power. While Satan uses his power to kill, God uses his power to bring the dead to life. As compensation for Satan's exercise of his maximum power in killing Jesus, God exercised his maximum power and resurrected Jesus. God thus opened the way for all humanity to be engrafted with the resurrected Jesus and thereby receive salvation and rebirth.

Exposition of the Divine Principle
Moses and Jesus

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