May 06, 2024

Sunday Service on May 5, 2024

Triangle Family Church Sunday Service on May 5, 2024

Musical Offering


The sermon discusses the concept of character and how it is related to love. It emphasizes the importance of understanding one's own character strengths and qualities. It also explores the changes in the exposition of divine principle over the years and the role of intellect, emotion, and will in shaping our character. It concludes with the idea that living by fundamental principles moment to moment can lead to the accumulation and expression of beauty and goodness. Key Insights
  • Understanding Character: The sermon highlights that character is the combination of mental and moral qualities that make an individual unique. It emphasizes the importance of recognizing and appreciating our own character strengths.
  • Changes in Divine Principle: It discusses the differences between the 1973 and 1996 versions of divine principle, specifically regarding the order of intellect, emotion, and will. It suggests that these changes are not discrepancies but rather variances influenced by the age and time of change.
  • Balancing Intellect, Emotion, and Will: The sermon emphasizes the need to balance intellect, emotion, and will in order to become people of truth, beauty, and goodness. It suggests that an imbalance in these faculties can hinder personal growth and positive change in the world.
  • Essence of Heart: The sermon explores the concept of the essence of heart and the desire to understand and discern it. It acknowledges the challenge of fully grasping this concept but suggests that growing close to nature and appreciating the beauty of existence can provide insights into the essence.
  • Living by Fundamental Principles: It encourages living by fundamental principles moment to moment rather than focusing on the concept of time. It suggests that small adjustments in character and nature can lead to a cumulative expression of beauty and goodness in one's life.
  • Importance of Principles: The sermon emphasizes the importance of principles in guiding our actions and shaping our character. It suggests that principles provide a toolbox of words and concepts that can help us understand and appreciate the value of our actions and existence.
  • Offering Ourselves to God: It concludes with a prayer to offer ourselves, our families, and our actions to God. It highlights the importance of recognizing that we are part of something greater than ourselves and accepting ownership and responsibility in our interactions with others and the world.

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